Monograph Assessment

The monograph I chose was “Inside Nazi Germany” by Detlev Peukert, translated by Richard Deveson. The book looks at the life of the German public during Nazi rule. Peukert explores multiple aspects of daily life both social and political for both supporters and opponents of Hitler’s rule. Peukert was a German historian and professor of modern history at the University of Essen. He was also the director of the Research Institute for the History of the Nazi Period. He is known for his book “Ruhrarbeiter gegen den Faschismus” or “Ruhr Workers Against Facism” which was a study of anti-Nazi activities among the working class during the Third Reich. The first edition published in the United States was in 1987 by Yale University Press.

In the introduction, Peukert explains that his goal was to evaluate the “historiographical information available on everyday life and everyday experience under National Socialism in Germany, and to present the most important findings in the literature. Peukert was aiming to contribute to the continuing debate on the opinion of everyday life of German citizens in the Third Reich. He also insists that his goal was to create a better understanding of the world in which his parents and grandparents lived.

By looking at the first and last paragraphs of each chapter, it is possible to see that throughout the individual chapters Peukert is attempting to show how life in the Third Reich really was as opposed to how it is usually assumed to have been. In other words, he is attempting to dismantle many myths surrounding Nazi Germany, the main focus being on public acceptance of the new order. It is generally assumed that the people of Germany welcomed Hitler and his regime with open and patriotic arms. Peukert, however, shows that the reality was that in many cases, the people were simply too afraid of the government to do any different. From looking at the chapters, I can see that this source will be a major part of my argument.

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