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During the height of Nazi power in Germany, three young people, Hans Scholl, Sophie Scholl, and Christoph Probst, went from obediently following the ideals set forth by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime to forming a group against the Nazis which they called the White Rose. The three were eventually arrested and executed for their “crimes” against the government. Supposedly, the three were what Adolf Hitler would have considered “perfect” Germans and so for all intents and purposes should have been highly involved in nationalistic groups such as Hitler Youth. I would like to investigate what the social conditions of Nazi Germany were and how these conditions could have led to the group’s protests against Hitler. Some of the questions I would like answered are:

1. How involved were these three young people in Nazi groups such as Hitler Youth prior to their turn against the government?

2. What outside forces could have led to their change of opinion and their eventual turn against the government?

3. Why, in the face of execution, did they continue to protest?

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