Good vs. Bad Websites

The White Rose is not a topic that is normally covered in classrooms, so in order to write this paper, it is important for me to find websites that contain a great amount of information about the group. As such, that was one of the main aspects I looked for when looking for a good website. With this in mind, Jewish Virtual Library was an excellent website. It was on this site that I found the article  “The White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent“. The site overall, while having a slightly chaotic layout, have a great amount of information regarding Jews during World War II.

There are, however, very bad websites, such as this. There are many problems with this site; aside from not having any type of home page accessibility, the article itself had very little information about the White Rose. The site is also not backed by any legitimate website or company, making it difficult to trust the legitimacy and accuracy of the article. While the article may have been good for a fifth grader’s report, in mine it has essentially no value.

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